sock it to me

One of the things I know right off the bat, is that I need to predict the need for things much farther in advance if I am going to have adequate time to find a good source for them.  So though we are in the midst of kid-sandal season, the cool weather will be upon us sooner than we realize. We are going to need some socks and my four year old daughter is getting old enough that resale and hand-me-down options are drying up.  So, let that be a call out to you mamas of older kids… your environmentally conscious friends with younger kids would be happy to take ANY socks you have that are being outgrown.  Stains are fine. Small holes? Bring it on. I’ll darn them or something. The only other option is to spend more money on socks than I really want to spend on socks.

Knitting would be an awesome option for the winter, except it will take me two years to knit one pair of socks. I truly aspire to be a better knitter… but I am not skilled nor do I have the spare time in my life to dedicate to it.  It’s just not the kind of lifestyle that I run.  Having my hands busy is rarely enough to keep my mind at ease. And then there are the kids.  These moms that knit outfits and whatnot for their kids are either great knitters of bad parents.  I envy them a little, but if I tried to achieve what they do, my children would be terrible needy monsters. Instead, so far, they seem at peace.

But, the older one needs socks.

As an experiment, I am going to see if I can get enough of my pals to read and comment on this blog that the comments actually shape how I solve this problem.  My friends are smart folks… help me out! What would you try? In theory, I will post a follow-up once the problem, (socks, in this case,) is somehow resolved.

For now, I am going to start checking out the scene at a few key thriftstore to see what’s available, if anything.

There is another important detail of this project that needs to be highlighted.  It is cheating if my mother, or any other person, buys us socks from a chain store. Many of the people who will be affected by this project don’t know it yet and some are only half on board.  My partner, for example, is sure that going to Lowes, the huge hardware store, will be my first confession.  He “hates consumer politics,” because he thinks it is a useless way for liberals to feel good about themselves.  He is happy to never go back to any of these horrible stores, but only because they sell crap and the lighting makes one sick.  In some ways, I agree with him.  It’s not as though I can personally even slightly decrease Target’s profits. However, this isn’t really a boycott.  It’s a life-style change prompted by the fact that garbage culture is killing us all slowly on every level. It is becoming so dominant that sometimes, I am at a loss for other options and I find that really disturbing.  It must be stopped. I truly feel that the key to stopping it must happen in our hearts and minds.  No boycott will ever take down these beasts.  We have to be willing to spend the time that their whole business model was created to save.

I might even need to learn to knit socks more quickly.

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i’m putting the target behind me

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